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Excuse the little, but when a "correction" about canceling a justified, calling into question a wrong card on the settlement of the Vikings, and it allows you to ignore my maintaining this map on the site, on the frieze " Peter Principle ", and I'm not hypocritical I say. So answer me, what is useful for Wikipedia, a device that amateur does not it?

I'm Norman, and I am proud to know the history of my country. If I say that the "map" on the Viking invasions is false (I chaut Regardless of its origin, it is geographically and historically false, even if from Giuşcă Bogdan, director of Hungarian Wikipedia poorly documented). Eastern Normandy, known as Haute-Normandie in french, which corresponds to the departments of Seine-Maritime and Eure, historically was born in 911. Normandy Western called Basse-Normandie in french, corresponding to the Departments of Orne and Calvados became part of Normandy in 924 and the department of Manche Cotentin region known as 933. On your map the wrong date and location of Normandy are reversed. So for you to write an encyclopedia without too many errors and for the honor of Wikipedia, replace this false map site by french or English, or Spanish, but do not let last inaccuracy is that even french sites Israeli and English have cleverly corrected, following my intervention. Thank you for correcting this error!

Write to me @ free.fr christian.warenghien and I will send you the right cards corrected by e-mail.

Because I am honest enough to give my e-mail, I hope you will be sensible enough to understand that this is not an attack, but an attempt to save Wikipedia ridiculous.

Best wishes!Gwyonbach 13 jul 2009 21:14 (UTC)Reageren[reageer]

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Are you about this article Viking or where are you talking about? --David-bel 17 jul 2009 20:25 (UTC)Reageren[reageer]