Ik zijn geborren (born) in Stekene op Aug 7th in 1947. Annik veer yar out was, mie familie es nor America gehaan. 'Tis mor mischien nan yar dakkek bejust Vlaams te schrieven. "tis darroom dannek nie wiet ohm dat worden zijn gespelled. Mor da giev nie. adde welt kudde mie verstaan,eh!

I was born is Stekene on 8/7/47. When I was 4 years old, my family moved to America. It is maybe only one year ago that I started to write in Flemish. That is why I am not sure how to spell words. But, that doesnt matter. If you want, you can understand me, right?

I am eager to find a fellow editor that speaks the same or at least a similar TAAL as mine.